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How Funnel Has Helped Businesses

Leticia Andrade Photography wanted more people to use its portrait, personal branding & headshot services. With many other photographers in the area, this could have been a challenge. However, competitors were not utilizing digital marketing. Funnel took advantage of this opening by implementing a strategy spanning Facebook, Google & Bing that generated awareness and captured bookings. The studio saw immediate results as Leticia received inquires to book sessions.

Community & Council is an Atlanta-based real estate firm based on the core idea that everything in the home buying and selling process should be rooted in creating meaningful, personal relationships. Funnel partnered with the firm to generate buyer leads, and as soon as the paid search program went live, we immediately generated high-quality buyers for properties in the millions of dollars by fully owning advertising placements ignored by competitors. Funnel has since been able to double media spend and successfully drive more leads for the firm. 

Senoia Bicycle is a full-service bicycle repair and retail shop located in historic downtown Senoia. To generate store awareness and drive sales, Funnel hyper-targeted cycling enthusiasts. Website traffic from new customers increased 40%, and the store's phone inquiries increased 28%. We also learned through testing that the most-engaged website visitors are more than 70 miles away from the shop, and that insight fueled sales from previously untapped areas. As the program has matured, Funnel has improved cost-per-engagement +50% by automatically optimizing ad placements and reducing exposure outside the target audience.

Interiors Blinds & Designs wanted to promote its automated blind systems to higher household income individuals in order to increase revenue and sales. Funnel commissioned video ads for Interiors and had it run on YouTube against viewers who fit the target audience. Once Funnel's campaign went live, over 3k ads per month were delivered at a cost of $0.13 per view. Phone calls for the product jumped 40% and remained elevated for months.

Sweet Tea Yoga opened in early 2018 and sought to acquire new members in the south Atlanta area. In order to accomplish this, Funnel implemented a robust campaign to reach online users actively seeking information related to yoga. Once Funnel's campaign went live, Sweet Tea Yoga immediately experienced a +30% increase in visitors engaging with its online class schedule and an increase in client registration. These new sign-ups and extra site engagements were more cost-efficient than the price of a traditional mailer that reaches an untargeted audience, and overall marketing and advertising costs were reduced by one-fifth. 

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